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Patients.com was developed to modernize, grow and differentiate medical practices.

You have a problem and we have a solution.

Most medical practice’s are not utilizing the modern technology that patients demand. Our program has been proven to be effective in bettering reception, patient and physician experiences all while increasing practice revenue.

 A Few Features:

✓ Effortless Custom Automation
✓ Browser & App-Based Portals
✓ Custom Post-Op Protocol Auto-Reminders
✓ Secure Appointment Requests & Self Scheduling
✓ Patient Appointment Reminders
✓ Potential-Patient Nurturing & Recalls
✓ Loved by hundreds of practices


Patient Satisfaction
Patient Compliance
Patient Communication
Patient Reported Outcomes
Patient Education


Canceled Procedures
Missed Appointments
Readmission Rates
Patient PAC Costs
Stress & Wasted Time

Recent 2021 Case Study:

How we grew a medical practice’s ideal patient volume by over 25% in less than 25 days.
  • 5,000%+ overall online visibility growth
  • Targeted patient clicks to the practice website grew 2,800%
  • Under $5K/monthly investment
  • Solution: PracticeCampaigns
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Recent 2021 Case Study:

How We Added Over 1,000 4.5+ Star Reviews To A Medical Practice in Less Than 3 months.
  • 615 new 4.5+ star location reviews from real patients on Google
  • 375+ new 4.5+ star provider reviews 
  • 5000% increase in real patient reviews in <90 days
  • Google Ads conversion rates increased by over 35% as a result of the positive reviews.
  • Solution: Reputation Management: PracticeReviews
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Recent 2021 Case Study:

How we increased a Spine & Neurosurgical groups appointments by 29% in less than 45 days with no paid advertising.
  • An astounding 29% increase in booked appointments in less than two months.
  • Patient engagement with the practice nearly quadrupled in less than 10 days by making the practice more accessible to their audiences.
  • How? We added the ability for patients to directly text questions and appointment requests to the practices through our iDash platform. 
  • Solution: iDash Patient Relationship Manager

Recent 2020 Case Study:

How we saved a bariatric group over 800 hours of front office work in a one year period.
  • An incredible 800+ hours of receptionist phone call time was saved by automating patient reminders, follow ups and post-op care instruction. 
  • The time saved was used to refocus the front office team on further training from the Patients.com Care Coordination Team, which resulted in a substantial (32%) increase in patient bookings, and a 18% increase in surgical procedures.
  • Solution: iDash Patient Relationship Manager

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