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Our company was created by doctors, developers and marketing experts to modernize medical practices and increase ideal patient volumes.


The PracticeCore foundation package helps modernize medical practices to deliver better patient communication, satisfaction, reviews, revenue and more. Exceed your patients expectations. Learn more below.

What comes with it?

Yes, you get everything listed for one low monthly cost. All built by top engineers, developers and healthcare marketing experts in the United States, with a dedicated account manager for all your needs. All services are performed in-house within the Patients.com family.

Practice visibility & credibility:

  • Patient-generating marketing site
  • SEO & Local SEO
  • Reputation management
  • Upgraded web presence
  • Boost and control online reviews
  • Directory management
  • Online directory management
  • Detailed analytic reporting

Patient communication:

  • 2-way HD video telehealth platform
  • Centralized dashboard for scheduling
  • Patient appointment calendar
  • Automated mobile/email/call appointment reminders
  • Text, Email, & Call patients from dashboard
  • Secure HIPAA-compliant website forms
  • ADA compliance site plugin

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Our team works directly with your practice to develop unique ways to help you stand out over competition in ways that matter to patients. We discover what makes you interesting and then leverage it through our campaigns.

How do we do it?

Our campaigns program is guided and built by branding, positioning and digital marketing experts alongside a dedicated personal account manager who works as a true advisor in your practice. We take an omnichannel approach, maximizing patient engagement, expanding reach and generating ROI focused results.

Practice Brand Strategy Plan:

  • Includes a 4-6 hour interactive brand strategy session where we will learn about your practice, goals and plans. We will then develop unique ideas that will differentiate your practice and allow you to stand out against competitors.

Practice Campaigns Plan:

  • We work with your practice to develop a shared definition of success for the campaigns. This includes answering questions like “what is success?”, “how will it be measured?”, etc.
  • We develop, build and deploy your practices campaigns on the right platforms based on the goals and sought-after patient types. 

  • We handle all of the creative and graphic needs for all campaign platforms
  • We place the most relevant campaigns in front of the right potential patients.
  • Strong and efficient technology is both our backbone and our competitive advantage.
  • We deliver monthly reports and analysis to continue optimizations as desired from the practice. 


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The PracticeComplete package has been proven to completely transform practices. We begin by creatively differentiating your services with a complete brand strategy that uniquely positions your practice above your competition. We then film outstanding videos to show patients your new brand and identity. Also included, is services and tools to modernize patient communication, increase patient satisfaction, reviews, revenue and more. Exceed your patients expectations by booking a no-cost demo of PracticeComplete.

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We will also include a  complimentary SEO and practice brand audit.