An all-in-one platform to automate your practice and launch targeted marketing campaigns. was created by physicians, engineers and top marketing experts to maximize the visibility, efficiency, and profits of medical practices.

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A true all-in-one practice growth platform. was created by physicians, engineers and top marketing experts to maximize the visibility, efficiency, and profits of medical practices.

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Our Solution

We believe in offering full solutions and process to our clients to bring real longterm solutions and value, instead of piecemealed products. 

Practice Growth Treatment Plans®

Our Treatment Plans service is a process that includes three core elements.

  • Practice Brand Management
  • Patient Lead Generating Site
  • MAP® Modern Automated Practice
    • Patient Communication (Video Telehealth & Text-Messaging)
    • Custom Automated Reputation Management (10 minutes EMR Integration)
    • Custom Automated Appointment Reminders
    • Custom Automated Potential Patient Follow-up & Nurturing

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PracticeReviews gives you the ability to boost and control your online reviews for both locations and physician listings. Our program provides a variety of positive effects including the ability to build and manage your patient relationships and market your practice 24/7 organically on Google Knowledge Panel.

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PracticeLive is the ultimate state-of-the-art telehealth services platform. Our system is web-based (which means there is nothing to download) for your patients! Quick & Easy. Our secure video conferencing enables you to seamlessly connect with your patients.

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You can have a great practice with great doctors and great word of mouth and still be falling behind to competitors. If you want to compete and get ahead of competition, you need to advertise your practice to potential patients who are either searching for you or who have shown interest in your services. It’s a no-lose situation. 

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We’re not going to yap much about videos. We’ve succesfully completed nearly a thousand. You need them to define your doctors, your patient satisfaction levels and your ability to be forward-thinking. Check out our work. 

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We save you time.

The great thing about a well-oiled practice growth strategy is that it saves an incredible amount of time for providers and staff alike. Our software and marketing services were all designed to do just that. Now what you do with that extra time, that is up to you.

We save you energy.

We’ve worked with hundreds of medical practices over the last 15 years. Physicians, practice managers and your staff have enough on their plate. We designed our solutions to save you energy so you can focus on your life and your patients.

We increase your profits.

We are confident in that because our strategy, technology and process has been proven to do so time and time again. The only question is, where will you reinvest? Research? A new location? Rennovation?More Staff? New Equipment? That’s up to you.

We understand patients.

Fun fact. We sat down and interviewed nearly 1,000 patients face-to-face. The majority of these interviews were filmed as testimonials for a wide variety of specialties. We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. We’ve learned how patients make decisions and how to guide marketing to support them.

We thrive on new ideas.

Many companies can provide you a service, but few can bring you great ideas. Our team understands healthcare. We bring our clients new ideas that help grow and transform practices with marketing strategy, creativity, automation.

We’ve made practice growth, simple, effective and powerful.

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