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We deploy unique online campaigns that allow your brand to be found and stay top of mind when patients are searching for medical care. 

Our team of highly-trained Campaign Analysts has perfected the process of connecting our clients to niche, qualified and ideal patients.

Quick Statistics:

– 82% of Patients Search For Their Doctor on a Search Engine.

– Social media accounts for 1 out of every 5 minutes spent online in the U.S.

– 75% of patients in the U.S are using a form of social media, often to connect and discover service including medical care. is trusted by hundreds of practices all over the country to position their practice to be found by ideal patients.

Our campaigns dramatically increase brand awareness and generate interest from new patients.

Don’t Wait For Competing Practices To Deploy New Campaigns and Win New Patient Care.


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Search Campaigns:

  • Control costs, measure success and connect with patients looking for your services
  • Generate immediate practice exposure to targeted patients
  • Build measureable practice awareness
  • Pay only when patients interact with ad
  • The fastest results and ROI
  • Ultimate control over searched keywords
  • Work with the search advertising team

Social Campaigns:

  • Connect with patients looking for your services
  • Work with the social media ads team
  • Brand awareness and lead practice exposure to targeted patients
  • Pay only when patient interacts with ads
  • Increase SEO rankings (search engines rely on social signals)
  • Ultimate control over patient audience:
    • Demographics
    • Location
    • Interests
    • Behavior

We’re partners with Google, and most of us previously worked at Google Ad Headquarters.

So, we know our way around quite well. 😄

Google’s seal of approval has real benefits for your practice since they place higher standards and expectations on their Partners.

Google has put its name behind our agency’s healthcare marketing experts who manage your practice’s digital advertising programs.

Proven Performance and Revenue Growth
As a partner, we need to continuously prove ourselves to Google. We manage significant quarterly advertising budgets that are directly reviewed and approved by Google.

All marketing investments must lead to clear results. Our campaigns must convert at a higher rate, which means we constantly monitor the quality and performance of ads to make sure they consistently lead to revenue growth for our clients.

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