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Recent 2021 Case Study:

How we grew a medical practice’s ideal patient volume by over 25% in less than 25 days.
  • 5,000%+ overall online visibility growth
  • Targeted patient clicks to the practice website grew 2,800%
  • Under $5K/monthly investment
  • Solution: PracticeCampaigns
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Recent 2021 Case Study:

How We Added Over 1,000 4.5+ Star Reviews To A Medical Practice in Less Than 3 months.
  • 615 new 4.5+ star location reviews from real patients on Google
  • 375+ new 4.5+ star provider reviews 
  • 5000% increase in real patient reviews in <90 days
  • Google Ads conversion rates increased by over 35% as a result of the positive reviews.
  • Solution: Reputation Management: PracticeReviews
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Recent 2021 Case Study:

How we increased a Spine & Neurosurgical groups appointments by 29% in less than 45 days with no paid advertising.
  • An astounding 29% increase in booked appointments in less than two months.
  • Patient engagement with the practice nearly quadrupled in less than 10 days by making the practice more accessible to their audiences.
  • How? We added the ability for patients to directly text questions and appointment requests to the practices through our PatientConnect platform. 
  • Solution: PatientConnect

Recent 2020 Case Study:

How we saved a bariatric group over 800 hours of front office work in a one year period.
  • An incredible 800+ hours of receptionist phone call time was saved by automating patient reminders, follow ups and post-op care instruction. 
  • The time saved was used to refocus the front office team on further training from the Patients.com Care Coordination Team, which resulted in a substantial (32%) increase in patient bookings, and a 18% increase in surgical procedures.
  • Solution: PatientConnect

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