Medical Videography

As part of our PracticeComplete One of the ways we help differentiate medical practices is by developing unique brand strategy. Video is the best medium to communicate your brand to potential patients. We help to define your practice and build the trust that ultimately leads to ideal patient volumes and flourishing practices. We offer practice positioning brand videos, patient testimonials and compelling physician background videos.


Take a few minutes. Watch some branding videos below.

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We Handle All Logistics, Scheduling, Research, Filming, Directing, Coaching & Post-Production. We run a very organized and percise process to maximize efficiency.

Positioning & Brand Strategy

Do not be the practice to overlook the significance of establishing and positioning who your brand is to the public. As we know, these days more people watch videos than read.

Patient Testimonials

Despite pain or discomfort, many patients don’t take immediate action. It is crucial to highlight existing success stories that patients can connect with to drive motivation.

Provider Background

We’ve all fallen asleep to videos of doctors droning on. Instead, we create unique and compelling videos that position the physician as a human patients can connect to.

After Filming, We Leverage Your New Videos To Reach Qualified Patients.

Take a look at some recent work below, and think about the value they provide for patients who have yet to interact or learn about your practice. We define who you are, your expertise, how you’re different and include the proof with the help of some real patients.

Practice Positioning Example

Signature Patient Story Example

HavePatients – Signature Patient Story from HavePatients on Vimeo.

Signature Patient Story (Preview Reel)

Physician Origin Example

Practice Positioning (Preview Reel)

What Happens After We Film?

We will show you how to leverage your videos to find qualified patients, retain existing patients and cement a spot in your community as an expert and a leader. This can include a variety of marketing strategy options that we will cover in our demos. Don’t let your competitors get these out to your community before you!

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